Upcoming jobs

With Gangz, there is no shortage of events. To attract the attention of the pros and increase your chances of participating, nothing could be simpler: join the Gangz family!

  • 06/30

    20 PEOPLE

    20 Live Actors - Tampa

    TAMPA - We are looking for 20 live actors (non union)

  • 06/30

    7 PEOPLE

    Bartender - Tampa

    TAMPA, US - We are looking for bartender

  • 06/30

    10 PEOPLE

    Dishwasher - Tampa

    TAMPA, US - We are looking for dishwasher.

  • 06/30

    10 PEOPLE

    Security Guard - Tampa

    TAMPA, US - We are looking for security guard.

  • 06/30

    6 PEOPLE

    Waiters - Tampa

    TAMPA, US - We are looking for waiters/servers

  • 06/03

    5 PEOPLE

    Private institution looking for events hosts/hostess in Dallas

    - A private institution is looking for events host/hostess to serve as the day of contact for all vendors involved in that days wedding or event.

  • 05/30

    1 PEOPLE

    1 events manager for a luxury hotel in Atlanta

    - Seeks for 1 events manager available during the summer.

  • 05/13

    10 PEOPLE

    Popular Drama Series seeks actors and extras in WA

    - Seeking talented actors and extras for popular drama series in Washington. We are looking for men and women aged 18 years of over.