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One day as an extra or an actor on a hit series, the next as a model in an advertisement for a major brand. With Gangz, there are many different job opportunities.

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No formalities, no creation of a status, you don't have to worry about anything. At the end of the mission we send you your pay via bank transfer

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Jobs for everyone, available in the U.S. and over 10 countries


  • Event staff
  • Street marketing
  • Reception and catering service
  • Company reception


  • Advertising
  • Ecommerce
  • Fittings
  • Catwalk
  • Models details

Live actors

  • Immersive events
  • Shows
  • Live shows
  • Improv

Actors and extras

  • Advertising
  • Audiovisual productions
  • Cinema
  • Series
  • Music videos
  • Voice-over

Our previous missions

Gangz supports hundreds of companies in their projects and hires thousands of gangzters.

Casa de papel

Casa de papel

Gangzters: 60 live actors, 20 staff (cloackroom, reception, game staff, cleaning)

Mission: La Casa de Papel, Netflix's hit series, invites participants to rob the "Monnaie de Paris" through an immersive experience.

Gross salary: 170$/day for actors



Gangzters: 1 commercial model

Mission: Publicity shoot for the promotion of the movie Don't look up with Leonardo Dicaprio

Gross salary: 940$

Fever Candlelight

Fever Candlelight

Gangzters: 6 staff (event reception, ticketing, coordination)

Mission: Unique Classical Music concerts by candlelight in exceptional places through Europe : Marseille, Berlin, Amsterdam, Milan, Brussels …

Gross salary: 88$/evening



Gangzters: 2 commercial models

Mission: Advertising filming for the launch of Mobilize Limo, the Group's new 100% electric sedan

Gross salary: 2080$



Gangzters: 5 You&Me models

Mission: Advertising shoot fo a new Total campaign targeting the African continent

Gross salary: 2400$



Gangzters: 6 barmen

Mission: Open air electro parties

Gross salary: 694$



Gangzters: 1 animation host / hostess

Mission: Live event for of a photobox at the Louis II Stadium in Monaco

Gross salary: 13$/hour

Private Event

Private Event

Gangzters: 8 animation hosts/hostesses staff

Mission: Entertainment in period costumes for a private event

Gross salary: 13$/hour



Gangzters: 1 staff coordinator

Mission: New experience of a black box restaurant

Gross salary: 17$/hour

They trust us

Coca Cola

Need additional information

Who is Gangz ?

Gangz is a booking platform where a client can spot and book you in few clicks, you can also apply for our job offers.

How does it work ?

Create your profile online and stay connected. You will be contacted via your mobile phone. You can also apply online on the JOBS page.

How can I sign up ?

To sign up with Gangz it's easy, free and without subscription. Click HERE and create your profile (you just have to be over 16 years old)

What do I need to create my profile ?

To create your profile you just need a photo and 5 minutes to answer a few questions for us to get to know you better.

How to apply for a job ?

Check the JOBS page and apply for the jobs you like. All that remains is for the client to select your application.

How do you accept a job ?

You have received a job request on your mobile ? Log in to your personal space and click on accept the job. All you have to do now is wait for the client's confirmation

Any jobs near my home ?

Our research algorithm takes into account your location to offer you jobs near your home. However you can apply for a job further away, it's up to you !

Who hires me ?

Gangz hires you on each assignments and manages your contract, your pay slip and the transfer to your bank account. Unless you accept a mission as an independant contractor (yes it is an option).